Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Are you the right client for me?

Triathlete looks for a coach but doesn't know WHAT they want. Triathlete talks to friends and social media (btw, everyone LOVES their coach). Triathlete HIRES a coach but feels to intimidated to ASK for what they want and need. Triathlete continues to PAY a coach who is not providing them with the information and skills that they want. Triathlete finishes season but doesn't feel SUCCESSFUL.

I often focus on teaching clients to ask themselves questions to determine what they are looking for in a coach. BUT as a coach, I'm looking for traits that make YOU a compatible client too. All coaches want their clients to be successful but many coaches are stretched thin with a long list of clients to serve. I select clients based on our ability to work together because I VALUE their commitment. My list of WANTS is short. 
  1. Consistency and Motivation
  2. Honesty (regarding availability, reasons for missing workouts, and workout results)
  3. No Frills (I don't do kits, tents, cheer squads, etc)
My goal in coaching is to provide an INDIVIDUAL and PROFESSIONAL plan for each client. I pride myself in providing HONEST feedback and PERSONAL attention to each client. I keep my roster short so that I have the resources to continually CHANGE and provide ONE-on-ONE assistance as needed. I hope to EDUCATE triathletes regarding skills, training periodization, injury prevention, strength development, and efficiency. 

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