Monday, November 7, 2016

Oilman Aquabike 2016 Race Report

Outloud! does an excellent job putting on a top notch race. I have worked with the directors as a race official, spectator, and participant. They value the experience of each athlete and keep safety at the top of their priority list.

I arrived at the venue about 5:45am and parked in the dirt lot at the front entrance.  Definitely a hike to transition, the worst part of which is knowing that you will have to hike back after the race. Transition set up was easy and a large number of race officials were in transition.

The swim is historically wetsuit legal. I donned my gear and headed to the swim start. It is a beach entry into a protected cove before hitting the open water of the lake. Conditions were a bit windy but otherwise great racing weather. As an Aquabike, I was seeded in the last wave with the relays. My strategy was to start closer to the back half of the pack to attempt to let those fast relay swimmers get ahead. I chose a line that was closer to shore, less crowded, and what I thought was a shorter tangent to the first turn buoy. The open water was choppy with a cross-current. I was happy to have my wetsuit and worried about the weaker swimmers. Overall, had a good swim. I remained focused on my breathing and pacing, sighted the buoys well, and finished strong.

I utilized the wetsuit strippers, they are a Godsend! Entered transition one row too far but luckily, since I was in the last wave, I was able to dive under the racks to get to my gear. Did great on time and focused on getting out on the course as soon as possible.

My goal on the bike was to ride in less than 3:00 hours and push as hard as I could. I remember getting to mile 30, and thinking that it would be a great time to end my ride on a high note. I was anticipating the headwind that soon reared it’s ugly head. I know I did my best on the course, but I wished I had spent more time in specific preparation for the hills and distance.

I had a great effort on the course and in the race. I placed 4th in the women’s Aquabike, missed the mark by 3 minutes! Although I’m beating myself up for those THREE minutes, I honestly can say that I don’t think I could’ve given it more.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kettle Bell Training

Why Kettle Bells?
Kettle Bells originated in Russia and have been dated back to the early 1800s. They are made of cast iron ball with a handle attached. Kettle Bell training will improve balance, power, and strength!
Top 5 Reasons to choose Kettle Bells
  1. Kettle Bell movements require power and strength. The dynamic exercises will tighten and tone your whole body.
  2. Kettle Bell movements challenge your balance through the shifting of your center of gravity. You engage stabilizing muscles to control the momentum generated by changing directions of the kettle bell.
  3. Kettle Bell movements will develop forearm and grip strength. No matter how heavy, if you can't grip it you can't lift it!
  4. Kettle Bell training bridges the gap between building strength and gaining cardio-respiratory fitness. By virtue of the “swing” your heart rate will increase creating that calorie burn!
  5. Kettle Bell training is considered “functional training” because it requires coordination, mobility, and balance while completing the movement.

  • Around the World- Warm Up (shoulders, core, posture, coordination, grip strength) Single bell.  Stand tall, tight belly, switching hands. Both directions.
  • Upright Row- Warm Up (shoulders, core) Single bell. Stand tall. Hands on the horns. Lead with the elbows.
  • Overhead Press- Warm Up (shoulders, core, balance) Single bell. Stand tall with abdominals engaged. Hands on the bell with thumbs through the horn, upside down. Press over head with arm extension.
  • Goblet Squat with Bicep Curl and Overhead Press- Full Body (legs, biceps, shoulders, core, balance) Single bell. Hold bell tight to chest with hands on the horns. Squat down, keeping elbows in close, perform a curl and return to standing with chest tall. Then press bell overhead keeping the core tight to support the back from extension.
  • Swings – Foundation (back, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes) Single bell, two hands on horn. Flat back, hinge from hips then thrust hips forward when swinging arms to shoulder height.
  • Lunge with Row (legs, glutes, back, balance, core) Single bell. Split stance with alternate arm parallel to the floor. With a flat back, lunge down. Press up and row simultaneously.
  • Overhead Tricep Press (balance, triceps, core) Single bell, two hands on horn. Press bell overhead, stabilize elbows in line with wrist and shoulder. Hinge from the elbow to the back of the head and press up. Careful to keep the back supported from extension. Increase intensity by balancing on 1 leg. 
  • Around the World Stall- (core, shoulders, balance) Single bell, single hand. Swing kettle bell behind, switch hands and around to the front. Use the starting hand to push the bell back in the direction it originated switching hands behind the body.

There are a variety of exercises that can be performed using the kettle bell. I encourage you to seek a professional to expand your exercise library to include clean, snatch, get ups, and more! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Register NOW. Cypress Creek YMCA is offering small group triathlon training on MWF at 5:15-6:15am starting September 12- November 18, 2016. Price is $49 for members and $149 for non-members. Goal race will be the Fairfield Triathlon on October 23, 2016.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Create a Gym Routine

1. Pick a time in your day that works best for YOU to CONSISTENTLY go to the gym. Don’t worry about all the “this is the best time to train” theories; just pick a time in your day that you know works for YOU and your schedule.
2. GO…just go to the gym, even if you are a little tired or not interested in working out that day. GO, and this may be the only time I say this, but go through the motions of your daily routine. If that means you get home from work, eat, and go to the gym…DO IT. It’s not so much about that day’s workout but rather training your mind to realize this is your new routine and lifestyle. Remember, we want this to become a routine for LIFE for you, not something that you just tried once.
3. When you get to the gym, especially if you are new, don’t worry about killing every workout, or PR-ing every exercise. You will over do it and NOT want to go back the next day. Instead, take your time, go inside, do a 5 minute warm-up and stretch, put on a playlist you like, then start your workout. Have a routine once in the gym and don’t skip it!
4. Try to make your scheduled gym days as much as possible! The more times you go through this routine, the better chance you will have at making your routine STICK. Remember fitness is not about perfection, it’s about consistency over time. Therefore, the LONGER you can keep going to the gym, the better position you will be in to make fitness part of your everyday lifestyle, even if it has never been before.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Idle Triathlon: Splash, Pedal, Dash

Are you looking for some motivation to build healthy habits? A community of support? A little competition? The YMCA has created a 31-day challenge to help you step out of your comfort zone. Beginning May 1, you can begin to exercise your way to finishing a triathlon!

Triathlon Clinic Flyer

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cardio + Strength Circuit

During the preseason for triathlon, we enjoy the freedom to build functional strength while working on cardio intervals. This is a chance for the team to build camaraderie and support each other. It is also an opportunity to challenge the body to get uncomfortable. I often say, the journey begins when you step out of your comfort zone. 

The Workout: Start on the Treadmill because it offers a longer warm up before the addition of intervals. After the Treadmill, alternate the strength circuit with cardio equipment. Use a Tabata format for the circuit (20 seconds of work to 10 seconds of recovery). 

8 minutes: Treadmill
4 min warm up
4 x 1 min Run/ 1 min Recovery

8 minutes: Row
2 min warm up
6 x :30 sec Work/ :30 sec Recovery

8 minutes: Stair Mill
2 min warm up
6 x :30 sec Work/ :30 sec Recovery

8 minutes: Choice
2 min warm up
6 x :30 sec Work/ :30 sec Recovery

Strength Circuit 

  • TRX Low Row (Back)
  • Stir the Pot- Stability Ball (Core)
  • Box Jump (Leg Power)
  • Bulgarian Bag- drop and catch (Shoulders/Back)
  • Band Walk- Lateral (Abbductor/Adductor)
  • Tricep Dip + Knee Crunch- 3x3 (Tricep/Core)
  • Push Up to T (Chest/Core)
  • Slam Ball (Shoulders/Back/Core)
  • Plank + GripR Row to Tricep Extension (Tricep/Back/Core)

Mat x2
Green Plyo Box
Red Band
Bulgarian Bag
Slam Ball