Thursday, November 6, 2014

Strength training...Tabata Style

I have a LOVE of Tabata intervals for strength/cardio training. The theory is that you will have 8-cycles of 20 seconds work : 10 seconds recovery followed by 30 seconds before the next 8-rounds. There are so many variations that will keep your heart rate up, keep the monotony down, and build strength and endurance!

This week, my Tabata intervals were mixed into an indoor cycling class. Equipment needed includes a bike, exercise band, and gliding disc (or paper plate on carpet). Total time, :70 minutes

  • Warm up on the Bike. 
    • 12 minutes including accelerations at an achievable cadence.
  • Off the bike for alternating rounds using the band. 
    • Odd= Squat with alternating shoulder press. Even= Bicep curl with front shoulder raise.
  • Bike. 
    • Hills for 5:30 building climbing endurance at ~66rpm with two identical climbs of :75 seconds. then mixing up the terrain for 5 minutes. Four sets of Tabata intervals using speed accelerations followed by 2 rounds consisting of a :30 second climb and sprint down the back for :30 seconds.
  • Off the bike for alternating rounds.
    • Odd= Bridge position tricep dips. Even= Seated back row using the band.
  • Bike. 
    • Intervals x4 for 6 minutes, 2 at :20 seconds, 2 at :50 seconds. Add resistance and drop cadence to ~80rpm, making sure that recovery is about :45-60seconds between sets. Speed work building endurance with identical sets of 2x:75 second efforts followed by ~2 minutes recovery lasting about 6 minutes.
  • Off the bike for alternating rounds. 
    • Odd= Reverse lunge with the back foot on the disc (alt R/L). Even= Use band to step out/in with constant tension to engage the abductors and adductors. 
  • Bike. 
    • Mountain climb x4 strength efforts  at :75-120 seconds with short :20 second recoveries at ~72rpm.
  • Off the bike for alternating rounds.
    • Odd= Inchworm push ups. Even= Hover
  • Stretch and cool down.

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