Saturday, November 29, 2014

Maintain fitness without a lot of time!

Many of us are ready for a break in the off-season but, no one wants to lose the valuable fitness they have achieved throughout the year. Below are workouts for the time-strapped athlete. These are short workouts meant to maintain fitness through short bursts of speed.

Swim, 1900
Warm up-
200 Swim
100 Pull + buoy
100 Kick (3 strokes/3 kicks/3 strokes)

Main Set-
6x50 @1:20 (Odd *Drill/Even Swim)
*Drill: High elbow, Catch up, Shark fin
2x550 as
200 Pull, 3x100 R:15 descending 1-3, 50 easy
100 easy cool down

Bike, :70
Warm up-
Include single leg drills and 3-5 spin ups

Main Set-
Roller Coaster- :40 Continuous in Zone 2 as
:1 80 RPM
:3 95+ RPM
:1 100+ RPM
:2 easy recovery

:15 cool down

Run, :50
Warm up-
:15 building from Zone 1 into Zone 2
Include some dynamic movements of high knees, butt kicks, skips, side shuffles

Main Set- x4 Intervals alternate
:4 Zone 3, low to mid
:2 Zone 2, low

:10 cool down
Include 2-4 strides. Performed as 50 yd acceleration followed by a 50 yd walk to recover.

***If you do not know your Heart Rate zones, use Rate of Perceived Exertion on a scale of 1-10 with 10 as maximum effort. Zone 1 is 1-4. Zone 2 is 5-6. Zone 3 is 7-8.

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