Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Performance Triad- Building Strength and Aerobic Capacity

Performance Triad

  1. Posterior chain enhancement
    • Spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings
  2. Push/Pull movements
    • Horizontal pushing exercises- bench press, chest press, flyes
    • Horizontal pulling exercises - rows
    • Vertical pushing exercises- shoulder press, deltoid raises
    • Vertical pulling exercises- pull ups, chin ups, lat pull downs
  3. Heart rate elevation
    • Think boot camp moves like burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats, plyo lunges, shuffle drills, etc

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to efficiently and effectively maximize performance gains in the gym. The goal is to move between exercises quickly with little rest to keep the h
eart rate up while gaining balance and strength. There are many methods for HIIT including EMOM, Tabata, Crossfit, and gym based workouts.

EMOM or Every Minute on the Minute is an interval session. Best done in 12 minutes or less. You choose 2 exercises with a set repetition and repeat the set every minute. You should have 10-20 seconds to rest between sets. For example: 10 burpees + 10 deep squats then you rest the remainder of the minute. *Note that EMOMs are ever-changing in duration or the number of repetitions within the set. The goal is aerobic training while building strength.

Tabata is a method using intervals of 20 seconds work/ 10 seconds recovery repeated 8 times. Check out this article to learn more about the science of Tabata Intervals.

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